On behalf the Yupiik OSS team and other contributors, I'm happy to announce that Yupiik Fusion 1.0.6 has been released. The artifacts are available on Maven Central and on the GitHub project page.

What's new?

  • [persistence] tolerate nested table as embeddable for cases with more than 255 columns.

  • [jsonrpc] adding PartialResponse support to customize headers on jsonrpc responses.

  • [jsonrpc] Tolerate OffsetDateTime, ZoneOffset and LocalDate as root parameter on a JSON-RPC endpoint.

  • [http-server] Enable parameter access from body - to avoid to parse it.

  • [processor] Improve incremental compilation.

  • [dependencies] Upgrade Tomcat to v10.1.12.

This release include fixes and improvements, more details are available here:


The documentation is up-to-date here:


How to start?

You can start be reading the Getting Started page .

Feedback are welcome

You can contribute, report bug or ask for improvement in the GitHub issue page


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