To launch UShip, you just have to launch a CDI SE container. Using default implementation - Apache OpenWebBeans - it can be done using the default main(String…​): For the web server you can use --openwebbeans.main uShipTomcatAwait argument with CDILauncher to await Tomcat server and not quit immediately.

Once you collected all dependencies to be able to build the application classpath, simply set this class a your main and your application will start.

Create docker images

We highly recommend using JIB to create the docker images but you can also use a plain Dockerfile if desired. This documentation will use jib to provide an end to end example.

Here is how to define Jib plugin to create a docker image:


Once configured you can build a local docker image using: mvn package jib:dockerBuild.

using mvn package jib:build, you can push the image to a remote registry without docker daemon. See jib documentation for more details.